Speaker Biography

Salil Uppal

Uppal Neuro Hospital, India

Title: Prevalence of Migraine in Epilepsy

Salil Uppal

Uppal is a Doctor of Medicine in Neurology. He is the Medical Director of Uppal Neuro Hospital in Amritsar. His area of interests lies in Stroke, Epilepsy, Neuro Critical Care, and Movement Disorders. His research works include Non- motor symptoms in Parkinson's Disease, Transcranial Doppler in Acute Ischemic Stroke, Epilepsy and Migraine.


Abstract: Headache is commonly associated with seizures as an inter-ictal, preictal, ictal, or postictal phenomenon, it is often neglected because of the dramatic neurological manifestations of the seizure. A prospective study was designed to identify epidemiological association between headache and epilepsy and  to evaluate the types and frequency of seizure-associated headaches in patients with epilepsy on anti-epileptics. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES  To  evaluate the type and frequency of  headache in people with epilepsy and risk factors with special attention to the anatomic localization of the epileptogenic focus, seizure classification (focal versus generalized) while on antiepileptic drugs over a period of 3 months. STUDY DESIGN   Study conducted at  Outdoor Patient Department, of Department of Neurology, DMC&H, Ludhiana. Patients ³17 years  with a diagnosis of epilepsy more than 2 years on single antiepileptic agent  - with new onset headache ,increase in frequency and severity of headache in epilepsy were taken . Headache data  analyzed according to IHS criteria, Epilepsy classified  according to the 2010  (ILAE) Commission report. Results : 73 cases (29 female, males 44) on antiepileptic monotherapy  were taken .Mean age was 26years,  median age at epilepsy onset  was 15 years  ,median epilepsy duration  was  8years.Generalized epilepsy seen in  48 (66%),  focal epilepsy  25 (33%) . 23 (30%) reported  headache , inter-IH in 15 (40%)and  peri- IH occurred in 12 ( 50%) of these  5 (18.3 %) had an associated inter-IH,  7  had headache related to the seizures,  Carbamazepine, levetricetam ,valproate, oxcarbamazepine ,lamictal  given in 17,18,29, 6, 2, patients 7,5 ,10,2 1had headache