Speaker Biography

Adel Harb

King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Title: Developing charge nurses as frontline leaders through transformative learning

Adel Harb

Graduated from Faculty of Nursing, University of Jordan 1993. Had worked as Cardiac Registered Nurse in Jordan. Completed Master Degree in Education from University of Jordan on 1998. Completed another Master Degree in Critical Care from Ohio State University on 1999. Worked at Ministry of National Guards for Health Affairs (NGHA-Riyadh) on 2003 as Clinical Resource Nurse in Nursing Education till 2010. Then worked in NGHA (Madinah) as Supervisor for Safety and Quality till 2014. On 2014-2017 worked as Director of Nursing Education at Security Forces Hospital- Riyadh. On Jan 2018 has joined Nursing Education at King Fahad Specialist Hospital as Nursing Educator Manager Obtained Phd in Healthcare Administration on 2010 and worked as visiting Professor Assistant. Supervising all Saudi Nursing Students - Interns and graduates. Publications : one book "Cardiology for Registered Nurses" , 15 Abstracts and Papers. 3 Researches. Speakers at several international Symposia and conferences, Saudi Heart Association member as senior Regional Faculty for ACLS. Developed many courses and programs accredited by Saudi Council such as “Cardiac Catheterization Upgrading Programâ€Â, “Invasive Hemodynamic Programsâ€Â, "Medication Administration Course", "IV Therapy Course", "Preceptor Course", "Charge Nurse Course", "Burn Critical Care Course", "ER Nursing Course", "Pain Management Course", "Wound Care Management Course", "Neonatal Nursing Care', "Critical Care Course" and "Leadership and Management Course" and many Cross Training and Up skilling programs. Currently is developing a Case Management Post Graduate Diploma Program.


Nurses at all levels must be prepared and developed to lead change to advance health care.  Historically, in most healthcare institutes, nursing leadership development programs have focused on nurses in senior management or executive roles rather than those working in frontline leadership roles. This article will describe a professional development initiative program attended by 169 charge nurses. The program has a comprehensive curriculum and road map for developing frontline leaders and ensuring charge nurses are trained, mentored, and supported in their roles. Program development, evaluation, and lessons learned that can be applied in other organizations are discussed